Tree Sitting by a Woman

by Eric Xu

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This is a collection of genuine, unique songs reflecting on friendships, fantasies, and regrets. With influences from classical music, folk and experimental/progressive rock, this album will take you through a progression of placid memories and images. Hopefully.


released April 6, 2011

Written, produced, and engineered by Eric Xu
in New York, NY, 2010-2011
Produced in association with JPEX Productions, LLC
Mastered by Amar Lal
Artwork by Eric Xu

Peter MacDuffie, Dan Francia, Alex Kahn, Sean Farrell, Michael Harlen, Nick Dooley, Charlie DeChants, Sidd Sharma, Brendan Reilly, Kate Driscoll, Kristine Kruta, Samantha Leibowitz, Kate Roosa, with tracks 5 & 6 featuring Tessa Sacramone on lead vocals

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Special thanks to Charles Rivera



all rights reserved


Eric Xu New York, New York

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Track Name: Tree Sitting by a Woman
Months of flying wears away
Now sit here by the ancient leaves
Why is water leaking from the pipe
Shouldn’t it be watertight

This is fated to put you to sleep
What has brought you to me
When there’s nowhere to be

I’m just a tree sitting by a woman
I’m just relaxing cuz the days I have been wasting
Aren’t gonna make you sad
You think you’re fancy drinking from the river
I’m just pretending that I’m dreaming
Of the days you used to come and make me glad
Track Name: Story of a Baby Dinosaur
Somebody's taking your sunlight
Painting shadows on the trees

Seeing finished holographics
See it polished on the wall
Bring it soaring on a wired plane
No closer to falling in

Take your sister, hold her hands
And breathe the ashes down your mind
Put the branches all around you
You're so happy to be alone
Track Name: Ant Covered in Ink
The Grass is always greener on
The side that I’m sitting on
Cuz I always bring a can of paint with me
And dump it where it needs to be
I forgot to buy more paint today
But my luck I hope it fancies me
As I carry food back to the colony
Someone decides to pour ink on me

I’m drowning in a pool of wet
I’m creeping in a room of empty
Come find me but save the colony
I can’t carry this sugar anymore

Covered in ink

Just remember when you can’t find me
I’ll be walking home from the job
Don’t worry I’ll bring you back
The candy you’ve always asked for
But today it’s different I’m stuck in a room
I can’t get out not for now
I’ll be back in a while but I’ll look different
Somebody’s poured some ink on me
Track Name: Red Mulberry Leaf Falling Behind
Some gardener says hi
Watch messengers go by
On my behalf
And half the time

See I read my mind
I knew I wouldn’t be here
To make it up
Be a month of night

I can’t wait to watch the time go by
Red leaves left me here this far behind
I can’t wait to watch the sun go by

What gardener says hi
What messenger goes by
On half the time
My half the time
Track Name: Lament of a Duck in the State Park
Many times I was left alone
The water was cold last night
So I woke up swinging on a twig
His heart’s still green like thorns on a rainbow

When are we gonna go play tonight
Honey your eyes are like the swollen sunrise
You with your child wrapped around your head
You may be stuck here

Behind those stones you’ll find my friend
I’ll show him to you if you show yourself
So I woke up hanging from a twig
And I looked up to see the rainbow

Are we ever gonna go play tonight
Honey your eyes are like the broken sunrise
You with your child wrapped around your head
You may be stuck here
Track Name: Cowboy Movie
I wanna bring you to the cow tonight
Can’t sit here ’n watch you drag your hands
You make me little hungry
An’ bring your ax on handy
So when this wears us I’ll come back to home

And home I will go where you live
We’ll feast on pretty leaves you feast will

This is my fork lies awake at night
Waiting for you bring the cow in
Take you his life bring it back alive
Take it from cow night

I wanna bring you to the cow tonight
When Friday’s come and gone it’ll be too late
We gonna buy anchovies
And spray it on the bodies
And when this wears us I’ll come back to home

And home I will go where you live
We’ll feast on pretty leaves and ‘chovies
Track Name: Lizard in the Back of the Coffin
Trails are coming up too soon for these days
On my beloved garden walls funny walls
Catch its breath before the timely siren calls
This in the finest slips away

Get into back of the coffin
Find someone come to play
Friends with the coon and the raven
Told you to stay away
Get into back of the coffin
How you gonna burry me fool
Dive off in dreams all around us
Cry with your hands up high