Tales of Asadour

by Eric Xu

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"The sound is clean and clear and the harmonies are awkward in a good way."

"It brings up echoes of the late Frank Zappa by writing lyrics that talk about mundane things...and makes them sound luscious and enticing by putting them to melodies and sound structures that are quirky and at times absurd."

"It’s a mixture of rock, jazz and something I’ve never heard before…something that only a number of listens can reveal; a humorous lyrical view of a musical world that has its space and time existing in a place far beyond what the casual music listener is accustomed to."
-Critic, Artist, and Curator, Mikel Frank


released March 4, 2014

Vocals, Guitars, Synths: Eric Xu
Drums (Tracks 1, 2, & 5): Malcolm MacDuffie
Violins: Josh Henderson
Viola: Laura Sacks
Cello: Ali Jones

Composer/Producer/Mix Engineer: Eric Xu
Co-Producer: Malcolm MacDuffie
Recording Engineer (Drums): Lim Wei, Tracks 1, 2, & 5
Recording Engineer (Drums): Catherine Hood, Tracks 1, 2, & 5
Mastering Engineer: Adam Grover, Georgetown Masters
Album Artwork: Joanna Smith

Many many unforgettable thanks to:
Peter MacDuffie, Kwabena Slaughter, Abhay Singh, Catherine Hood, Christine Oo, Joanna Smith, Siddharth Sharma, Cecile Tournesac (to whom "Rockaway Parkaway" is dedicated), Mikel Frank (to whom "Dance of the Things" is dedicated)




all rights reserved


Eric Xu New York, New York

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Track Name: I Carry My Hand in a Purse Tomorrow
Verse 1
A gentle breeze
The careless evening has dissolved into night
Caught in the sheets
Caught in the counting of the sheep herd
Suppressed in rows
Not even sheep can make the ferns grow
I'll keep a spare
Rib in my cage to make another one of you

Verse 2
Some people wear
The endless makeup and incense like you
But none of them can really look as silly smell as paley as you do
You decorated
Your face with angels and jewels and gum
Now words you say
Smell like the fragrence of mosquitoes and stuff

Save your breath
For now lock it safely
Maybe in a cave
I'll keep a spare hand in my purse
So you don't have to talk

Verse 3
I hold my breath
That maybe you would finally eat out of bed
But then again
Perhaps there's wisdom in me skiing instead
Track Name: Rockaway Parkaway
Verse 1
Climb out of the subway, look, look at the streets
A herd of pigeons squirreling away from footsteps
Leaving a trail of bagels and cream cheese
Ohh, evening the streets are cold, colder than you
Two little oak trees lost in the gold gold
Forest wondering when to shed their leaves
Ohh, evening the streets are far, farther than you

Chorus 1
Rockaway away rockaway...

Verse 2
Rise, rise for the morning broom sweeping the road
Twelve fat elf guys sitting around and watching
White hipsters running through the streets
Ohh, morning the streets are cold, colder than blue
Men slinging shotguns (part of their blues) run in
Circles wondering when to shed their teeth
Ohh, morning the streets are far, farther from you

Chorus 2
Far away away far away...
Track Name: Lady Hanging from a Window - 1. Allegro
Verse 1
There's a lady hanging from a window
With some flowers in her bowl
She tried making the flowers grow on her head
But her head was too slow

Verse 2
When I saw her last she was
Past us with a date at Burger King was it
Her boyfriend had a cast on his leg
And he would go to great lengths to make her sing at it

Chorus 1
She said "I'll get myself a job and
Move on to better things 3x
I'll buy myself a pot and
Plant all my flowers there 3x"

He said "sing a song for my sweet leg
And I will carry you to sleep
Lets forget about the keg
Lets pay the bill and leave
I'll put you in my house

Chorus 2
I'll sit you in my couch and
Play you for thirty days 3x
Play you in thirty ways
Break myself a bone and
Wish you would grill me steak 3x"

Verse 3
And her keg of Sprite she drank in spite
Of the riskiness of spilling on his leg
But she didn't care it's no wonder they are here
It's no wonder she has flowers on her head

But the flowers are about to die
Cuz the pot's to low
Her head's too slow
The roots don't grow
And her steak's too rare
Track Name: Lady Hanging from a Window - 2. Adagio
Squirrells scatter at the slightest move
Scare them off with all your tennis shoes
Sprinklers get them on their way home
Soaking travelers on their honeymoon

Secondary Theme:
Run in stride
You will not find where the flowers hide
Drink more beer
Let your thoughts drizzle down on your strudel too
Maybe you
Really would kill two stones with one bird
Just in time
The stones are annoying and they're multiplying

Make the gardens all grow on your head
(Make the gardens all grown on your head)
Plant the flowers on a window sill
From the nestled rock a

Squirrell breaks free and sprints through birds and bees
Runs alongside casual cyclists
Like dolphins coasting past the journalists
Darts in search for a pleasant nesting tree
Finds a home and hangs from a window
Pushing up flowers with its tiny head
Track Name: Dance of the Things
Someone saw me on Maple Street
Strolling 'round 'neath the maple tree it wasn't bad

Mind your step as you saddle on
Come and dance said the little one it won't take long

Vicious trees blowing at the wind
As we ride on forgetting all about the things
Track Name: Ode to the West Wind
Flakes flakes are passing me by
As they fall on my car
When the rivers freeze and summer ends
When sunny summer ends
When pine tree fragrance ascends
When playgrounds frozen on their stands
Still attest to snow plows that rudely
Plow o'er their friends

Verse 1
Age clings to the edge of the cheese
Like the grip of the great English gentleman's daughter
Who paints her nose and hopes for a dote from her father
But her father says she better go out in the snowy weather
"Shovel up all that snow
Finish up all your school"

Chorus 1
See the mavericks that roam the streets with smelly red beards
Ruin fluffy fallen snow
Mutate the road top into slushy brown beer
Slipping on the ice
Dressed up in mittens and a box of white cake
And a season-matching gown
Candles will fall and burn up all in their wake
Lighting up the town

Chorus 2
See the playgrounds with little kids that play in the snow
When the schools are all but closed
Walk past them slowly thinking how the wind blows
Drinking coffee drinks
Dressed up in mittens and a box of white cake
And a season-matching gown
Candles illuminate around the grilled steak
Warming up the town

Verse 2
Someday wandering in like the moon
Will be late English gentleman's daughter
Saying "how could I get me some water"
But the mirror tells her "better go out in the snowy weather
Shovel up all that snow
Pick up your kids from school"